Hair Transplant

Stop worrying about having a hair transplant! You do not have to go through procedures that leave scars or a pluggy, patchy result that you are not happy with.

Our professional team at HTA are absolute specialists – our Surgeon, Chief Hair Technician and our Patient Care staff is highly experienced in their field and will ensure you are comfortable and safe and that you are satisfied with your hair transplant result.  You will be in the best of care throughout the entire process.

HTA uses a technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

This is a highly specialised skill of extracting grafts (follicles) from an area at the back of the head or where the hair is thickest.   For each graft, people have between one and six hairs.  These follicles are carefully and skilfully transplanted on natural angles to create a fuller hairline and/or crown of hair.

HTA do not use the Direct Implanting Pens as results can often be unimpressive by leaving the hair implants looking sparse and unnatural.  At HTA we do see hair transplant clients who have undergone treatment where these pens have been used.  Often the client is very unhappy and has engaged HTA to provide a dense and natural head of hair.  We are in the business of helping our clients feel content and delighted with their natural looking hair transplant.

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