HTA Australia-sm-3How is the FUE hair transplant performed?

Phase one – extracting your hair

The FUE process requires time and skill and at HTA we have a team of highly trained professionals who attend to you. The surgery performed for FUE takes a few hours longer than the strip removal process you’ve probably read about, but it leaves no large scars nor requires stitches.

Our surgeon extracts hair follicles from where the hair on the head is the thickest and permanent (known as the donor zone), taking out individual hair grafts one by one. To extract one hair graft, our surgeon will make a miniscule ‘punch’, leaving tiny pinholes in the donor area. These tiny marks are barely visible.

Quick healing which means less downtime for you is just one of the benefits of HTA’s transplant system.  Additionally and only if required, the FUE method can be used to harvest hair follicles (grafts) from other parts of the body such as the chest or legs.

Phase two – transplanting

During this phase, your surgeon creates tiny holes (or sites), in the area where hair is needed.  After creating sites, the surgery team carefully place your follicles into these sites taking care to implant them at a natural-looking angle. Hair Transplant Australia is highly skilled and specialise in performing implantations of hair follicles without damaging them.

Caring for your newly transplanted hair

Your transplanted hair follicles develop a blood supply within a few days. Your newly transplanted hair will remain in what is called the ‘telogen phase’, a resting period for your hair, after a hair transplant.  After three to six months, you will notice hair starting to grow from the transplanted area. The hair will grow around half an inch a month; you will have an adequate length within 12-18 months to style your hair as you please.

HTA’s qualified hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Alam has been performing FUE hair transplants in Dubai and Australia for many years. Dr Alam has successfully treated many people of different nationalities and from all walks of life.

You can contact Sam our Patient Care Coordinator directly through our free online consultation form Sam will evaluate your situation and advise you about the transplant process available for you in our first class facilities located in Brisbane.

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