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A hair graft can consist of one singular hair or more, growing out of the one graft.  Some lucky people may have six hairs per one graft.

During the FUE procedure, the surgeon

  • extracts the hair graft from the dense area of hair
  • transfers to the balding area of the head
  • individual grafts are very small allowing the surgeon to closely space the follicles to form dense, natural looking hair
  • the grafts undergo a few months of transition before starting to grow naturally in the scalp

Example from HTA

  • receding in the front hair line – to transplant hair to this area and the sides would require around 1500 grafts (or approx 2500 strands of hair) to achieve a dense hair line that is not pluggy and sparse

HTA have the experience and the honesty to provide you with the facts.  That is, how many grafts you will require to regrow natural, thick hair once again.

As is the case with other industries, some companies will provide a very low quote to win your business.  Some of these quotes are based on transplanting fewer grafts which sounds good but will not give you the result you are looking for and that is lovely thick, natural-looking hair.  HTA often see clients who require procedures to correct sparse and pluggy looking hair transplants carried out by other companies who have transplanted either too few grafts or hairs (not grafts) into the balding patch.

We do not cut corners at HTA!  Our testimonials are evidence of this.

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